10 NEW Pro Tips and Tricks On Kanal – Rainbow Six : Siege Operation Ember Rise

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Here are 10 of the BEST NEW tips and tricks in Rainbow Six Siege for the new Rework of Kanal. Learn everything from best new C4 throws to the most OP Pro player angles! Enjoy these insane new Rainbow Six Siege tricks

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42 thoughts on “10 NEW Pro Tips and Tricks On Kanal – Rainbow Six : Siege Operation Ember Rise

  1. If you play cheeky console, half this cheeky stuff doesn’t apply because cheeky PC prompts are everywhere. Cheeky console, not so much. We aren’t worthy of anything cheeky cool.
    Just go to the cheeky Valkyrie cam video.
    Btw, glad your cheeky purple tarps don’t work anymore!
    Welcome to our cheeky world!

    I’m so lonely.

  2. Yeah some hiding spots got nerfed due to the vault nerf in ember rise so a lot of old spots don't work anymore, can we get a list of ones that still work? Just some key spots on maps still in the ranked pool

  3. You missed the best part for that second to last spot. Once you get up on top of the cart you can shoot out the top of the barricade to watch anyone between the garage to the window into diving room.

  4. Hey dangle. You can do the red stairs trick on blue stairs as well. Shoot out the top of the wall at the bottom of blue. And then the floor just above on the top of blue stairs. You can sbut that down completely.

  5. in the est building you can denial the entry of the south door for the basement by destroy the wall and the floors of the stage at up with impact or shotgun and go behind the metal desk and you can denial the main entrance too. Is a good spot with a rook if your teammate dont reinforce the wall.


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